May 2013
French and English
ISBN 978-2-9539867-3-0
Hardcover, 206 x 285 mm
140 + 16 pages
Images 53 color + 13 b/w
Edition (1st printing): 500 copies
Graphic design whitepapierstudio
Printed in Belgium

Edited by


A house is not a home immediately presents a vulnerable subject, with no control over its representation, transported through vast landscapes by unconscious forces. It’s in the attention given to this form of sleepwalking that Yann Stofer’s work nds its aesthetic drive: the intrepid moves forward with eyes closed. In the meanders of memory drawn by the dream machine, cottony perceptions of the uctuations of light, changing lanes on a snowy highway, speeding up and slowing down. Intimacy, home are exible notions. I travel, at their expense.The light fades, then becomes arti cial. The eld of vision has narrowed; the landscape has disappeared, swallowed by the nighttime sky and its fantastic, almost gothic feel. […] Obstinately, the photographer’s work and the viewer’s experience intertwine. Through the recurrence of the motifs – the road and its shoulders, places designed for entertainment and celebration, the bedroom – and of the faces – the friends the photographer made over time – the reader is invited to follow the steps of the author rummaging in his memory. This repetitive structure of the work, resembling a dwelled-upon, fractioned remembrance, is far from being a closed and stabilised system. The nostalgia one feels when seeing these images is not a yearning for something past. On the contrary, the beings and things never come back to them- selves, not even in memory, not even in a dream.

Julien Perez, « La Bienveillance » in Yann Stofer, A House Is Not A Home, Paris, KAISERIN EDITIONS, 2013